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The experience of struggles within the divorce involves quite a few shaking emotional struggles, and more than once slips into a hard struggle. Therefore, there is a necessity for professional advice and guidance from those who are well and deeply familiar with the complex field of divorce law  in israel.

There is a necessity for professional advice and guidance from those who are well and deeply familiar with the complex field of family law.

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The experience of struggles within the divorce involves quite a few shaking emotional struggles, and more than once slips into a hard struggle. Therefore, there is a necessity for professional advice and guidance from those who are well and deeply familiar with the complex field of divorce law  in israel.

How can you begin a divorce in Israel?

Post by Rachel Schachar, Divorce lawyer in Israel

How to begin a divorce process

You’ve decided to get divorced but don’t have a clue how to begin the divorce process? Who do you contact? What should you do? This article will guide you through the process of divorce.

How to begin a divorce by consent

If the spouses are in full agreement about the divorce, including all issues such as alimony payments for one child, joint residence and custody arrangements, the answer to how to begin a divorce is easier.

The couple only needs to agree on a divorce agreement and have it approved by either the Rabbinical Court of the Family Court.

You can make a divorce agreement on your behalf without an attorney, but it is not recommended. The divorce agreement has to be in a legal and professional format, so you won’t know how to write it if you don’t have the legal knowledge.

A divorce file must be created at the Rabbinical Court Secretariat after the divorce agreement has been approved.

Divorce by consent is a simple and fast process compared to the lengthy divorce procedure where the woman is denied a divorce.

How to initiate a divorce in Israel without consent?

The question of how to begin a divorce without consent is more complicated and depends on the specific case.

Even if the couple has no intention to settle the dispute by mediation, they should open a dispute resolution file.

The divorce laws state that you cannot open a file to file a divorce before opening a conflict resolution file.

You will be prohibited from filing any claims for 60 days after you open a dispute resolution file, with the exception of urgent remedies, such as minimal alimony or a request to delay departure due to fear the husband would refuse to divorce.

You can only submit your main claim 60 days after you have opened a dispute resolution file.

How can you divorce in Israel? rachel schachar divorce

After opening a dispute case?

After opening a dispute case

You can file for divorce after 60 days. It is very important to know the steps to begin a divorce.

You must state the specific reason why you are divorcing your spouse. Do not just write, “I want a divorce as I’m tired of my marriage.”

This is not a valid reason to force the spouse to divorce, and certainly not through coercion.

If you are divorced for a valid reason, like the infidelity of your husband or the violent behavior of your spouse, then it is important to write down the reasons.

It’s sometimes a good idea, to add proofs to the divorce claim statement, like photos, messages or other things that will confirm your claims.

In some cases, it’s better to surprise your opponent after you have investigated him. Then present all the evidence that you have in order to prove him a liar.

How can you begin a peace process?

When you’re confused about the divorce process, it is usually because your spouse is trying to keep the peace in the home.

The other spouse must prove that he is not trying to extort any money, but genuinely wants peace in the home.

The court is suspicious when a domestic lawsuit is filed because it’s not genuine. It is therefore important to not file one and, on the other, to discredit your spouse and make serious accusations against him.

Divorce lawyer in israel explains how to begin a divorce process

Divorce proceedings can be complex, particularly when one spouse requests a domestic-peace claim to extort money or get revenge.

In these situations, I recommend to those who ask how to begin a divorce process to hire the services a recommended divorce attorney who will assist with the complex handling of the case.

Some couples understand that they should consult a family attorney if they don’t know how to begin a divorce.

This is a The best advice you can get before you start a divorce proceeding in Israel is indeed to consult with a recommended divorce lawyer.

Why contact us for advice and representation in divorce matters in Israel? Breaking up a family is never an easy thing. It is a painful, complex process, and while you are falling apart you have to support your children who are also going through an upheaval. It is not for nothing that researchers rank the divorce process as essentially similar to mourning a loved one.

At a time like this you need a strong and trusting hand. Attorney Rachel Schahar, who heads the firm, is ranked by the international rating company Dan & Bradstreet as one of the leading attorneys for family and inheritance matters in Israel. In addition to this, Attorney Scahahar lectures to lawyers in practical training in family matters and is considered one of the most valued and sought-after lecturers. In addition, he has many years of experience in representing and accompanying family law. Year after year, Google surfers also rate us as a sought-after and reliable law firm in the field of family law, inheritance and divorce.

We will be happy to receive your trust and help you get through this difficult time.

You are welcome to call our offices for advice if you require additional help in answering how to begin a divorce process.

“People come to me and tell me that despite all the grief over the divorce process, they can’t continue to live like this,” explains Attorney Schachar, “the couple don’t exchange a word, don’t have marital relations, and there’s no more life. In my eyes, this is also the clearest signal for distancing – the dramatic decline in marital relations.
This shows that the relationship is beginning to die because if they don’t get along and there is intimacy, then there is also intimacy and this strengthens the relationship. The difference can be accommodated. As soon as spouses become roommates, then divorce is imminent.”

According to Attorney Schachar, in recent times one can notice an increase in divorce cases among the elderly, the 70-year-olds and older, who know that they do not have many years left to live and they want a change. But one thing remains the same throughout all the cases: the question of whether the couple has The ability to end the procedure in a nice and proper way, and without unnecessary war.
How can you prevent war during the divorce procedure?
“Many times people fail to get the children out of the game, especially in a situation of betrayal in the relationship. In such a case, people don’t see a reason, enter the house and tell the children, for example, that their mother has cheated and that he, the father, will make sure to tell everyone about it. Then the children will be referred to mental health care later on their lives”. Moving the children out of the war area is the most imp

Some important advice in divorce proceedings

Some important advice in divorce proceedings

  1. Get an emotional therapist for the children and for you. Managing the divorce crisis wisely can have a significant impact on the mental state of your children
  2. Your lawyer during the divorce, whether the procedure is consensual or non-consensual, will be the person who will accompany you 24 hours a day. Take a person with whom you have personal chemistry.
  3. Do not give up financial and actuarial consulting services in order to get a complete picture of your financial situation during the divorce procedure
  4. Raise your head. You are in a period that is considered one of the most critical periods in life. This period will pass and I wish you that you will come out stronger.

How do you select a divorce lawyer?

How do you select a divorce lawyer?

Why is it so important to select a divorce lawyer who has been recommended?

Divorce is not an easy procedure. It’s a complicated and important one. The decisions made will have a significant impact on everyone’s future and present. You should therefore choose an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the divorce process and is an expert.

What are the most important tips to consider when selecting a divorce attorney?

It is important to take into consideration several factors when choosing a divorce attorney. These include experience, interpersonal relationships, whether the lawyer is rated by a professional rating agency internationally, reviews written on Google about the lawyer, his professionalism and expertise within the divorce field, among others.

Does it make sense to consider the cost of hiring an attorney?

The cost of a divorce is also a factor that we all consider when selecting an attorney. This is why it’s important to pay attention to this parameter and choose a lawyer who fits your budget.

Why should you have an initial meeting with your lawyer?

A meeting to discuss your divorce will ensure that you and the lawyer are on the same page and can work together. This meeting allows you to determine if there is a good match or if it’s better to select another lawyer.

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